Holistic nutrition suggestions that can assist in raising healthy children.

Children go through a rapid growth stage and need nutrient dense foods, especially quality protein for the development of new tissues as it contains all the amino acids necessary for fast growth.

Children’s basic diet involve a balance of carbohydrates, healthy fats, healthy protein and plenty of vegetables and fruits. In the kitchen, always stock up plenty of healthy snacks, such as raw nuts, fruits, almond butter, yogurt, and colorful vegetables for the growing teenager.


Start them early with a healthy eating habits; if children are raised eating fruits and vegetables, they are more likely to continue to eat a healthy diet later on in their life. And even if they go through a junk food phase, as typical teenagers do, don’t worry, their healthy eating lifestyle in the past will bring them back .healthy-lunch-meal-fruits

School lunch is critical as children need quality energy foods for school activities and learning. If the school cafeteria provide your children with less nutrient dense foods, that are high in sugar and high in fats, such as processed foods, you may want to consider sending your kids to school with a homemade lunch if you are able. This way, at least you know your kids are eating the healthy food choices that you provide, and you know what’s in it. You can even get your child involved with lunch planning and preparation. This way they get educated about what they eat and can be your little helper.



In addition, a balanced multivitamins and minerals supplement may help with growth spurts. I would choose supplements that are sourced from food rather than synthetic alternatives. Food-based supplements are ideal as they can be absorbed easily by the body. However, as mentioned, we want a diet without the added sugar, same thing with the supplement! Be wary of vitamins that masquerade as candy, they instill a habit of eating candy (refined sugars and simple carbohydrates) in young children.


How satisfied are you and your children with the food provided by the school’s cafeteria? Do you prefer to send them off with homemade food? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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